From the recording The Blues Instead



Melissa Ruth- acoustic guitar, vocals
Johnny Leal- acoustic guitar

i live up on the farm
my daddy live in town
even though i am just a girl
i'm the only man around
the only man around

mama, well, she ain't no use
her eyes don't work no more
they see just what they want to see
and never nothing more
never nothing more

brother frank he run off
to visit uncle sam
he come back without a head
he lost it in vietnam
over in vietnam

they say a cowboy's life is as lonesome as can be
i was once a cowboy's wife
until he up and lonesomed me
i said he up and lonesomed me

when i am dead and gone
with only a stone to mark my head
they won't sing no funeral songs
only the blues instead
i said, only the blues instead.

copyright 2007